The independent facilitators of Facilitation Wellington Dufferin are here to help you support people and families who would appreciate the additional time and flexibility that we are able to offer. This may be when a person is new to the community, or when traditional supports do not seem to be the right fit. We want to partner with you as you support people to live self-determined lives as contributing members of their community.

We carefully match people who want to access independent facilitation, and those they choose to include, with the most fitting facilitator. Each of our facilitators is trained through our Facilitation Mentoring Initiative and have the ongoing support of our Director, Lead Facilitator,  and our local and provincial community of practice. FWD facilitators are well-prepared to support people as they talk about their goals, make decisions, and take steps towards living the everyday life they want.

Benefits of being involved with Facilitation Wellington Dufferin:

  • Our facilitators offer high quality independent facilitation, with the ongoing support of their director, lead facilitator, local network, and provincial community of practice.   
  • Facilitation Wellington Dufferin is committed to supporting people to be true citizens of their community, living self-directed lives enriched by relationships and guided by their strengths.
  • Independent facilitation helps people to get the most benefit from the natural resources in their communities, so that funding dollars can used where they are needed most.
  • Our facilitators believe that using community options as a first resort helps a person to become more involved in their community, and can lead to growing meaningful relationships.
  • Facilitation Wellington Dufferin is committed to strengthening our communities by ongoing learning and development.

Are you interested in working with Facilitation Wellington Dufferin? Contact us!