Justin - the best neighbour around!

A generation or two ago, neighbours were a foundational piece of our lives. They were close by to help out in times of trouble, to lend a cup of sugar, or to sit a while on the front porch and talk. Some people say that neighbourliness has been fading away, but that isn't true for Justin. Justin has lived in his Guelph community for years now, and takes his role of "good neighbour" very seriously.

Justin knows many of the people in his apartment building by name, and is quick to lend a helping hand. He is involved in local politics, is a regular at community events, and has been the first to act on more than one occasion when things go wrong: a fire in the apartment building, car accident or other danger. He has successfully campaigned for a change in neighbourhood bus routes to better meet people's needs, and most recently has been preparing for the 2018 cycling and walking fundraiser, Ride for Refuge.