Making decisions is something we all do with the help of people we trust; especially big decisions about the future, such as:

  • How do I meet more people in my community?

  • What will I do after I finish high school?

  • How can I find a paid or volunteer job that I enjoy?

  • Where would I like to live, and who do I want to live with?

  • Who can I talk to about activities and groups in my community?

  • How can I connect with community supports, services, and groups?

  • Who will help me make decisions when my parents are aging?

The facilitation process is different for each person, but in general you will work with your facilitator to do three important things:

First, we get to know you and the people who are important to you.  We spend time talking with you, and doing the things that you like to do so that we can get to know each other better. We understand that you need to feel comfortable with your facilitator before you start talking about personal things.

Second,  thinking about your life in the past and the present will help you to figure out your goals for the future. We support you as you make decisions about your goals, and the steps that you can take to build the life that you want in your community. This includes the people who can help you, and how you will know when you have reached your goals. It’s like putting a roadmap into place for a trip you want to take.

Together we learn about your interests, strengths, experiences and priorities:

  • What has your life been like so far?

  • What activities that you really like to do?

  • Which activities do you already know that you don’t like to do?

  • When have you felt most proud of yourself?

  • What do you know you are good at?

  • When do you need help from others?

  • What good things do other people say about you?

Third, we help you put your plan into action. Your facilitator will help you to connect with the people, places, and resources that you need to reach your goals.   You are always in charge, and you decide what you would like to work on with your facilitator.

We understand that making choices about the future and working towards your goals is a long process. Sometimes you run into set backs. Sometimes things are harder than you thought they would be, and sometimes you change your mind. Your facilitator will stay involved as you work towards your goals, and will be there to help as your plans change over time.

Does this sound like something that would be helpful to you, or your loved one? You can read about other peoples’ experiences here, or you can contact us for more information!