What people are saying about FWD

[My facilitator] helps me with problem solving when I have stressors.  She likes to make sure I use all of my supports and reminds me who I can rely on. ~ Trevor

I think [my facilitator] gives really good advice.  She makes me feel more confident about stuff". ~ Lacey

[My facilitator] has been helping me with personal things like managing my emotions.  I am still trying to find myself and where I stand in this world and [my facilitator] has helped with that. I feel like I can talk to her about anything and I won't be judged. ~Joshua

[Facilitation] gives Travis a boost for his self-esteem.  It helps him to think things through, gives him time to generate his own ideas.  There is no pressure.  He has been able to talk things through with his facilitator s a sounding board. ~ Monica (parent)

My son has carved out his own life. ~ Shirley (parent)

[My facilitator] is excellent.  She listens.  She is a nice person.  She knows what she is talking about and is knowledgeable.  She knows the right thing to say. ~Cindy

Kayla is shy and quiet.  Her facilitator takes her places she can meet friends her own age and talk to new people. ~Mitzy (parent)

[My facilitator] is also helping us to streamline services to determine who needs to be involved, who doesn’t, and to inform us of services that are available that we are not aware of. Most of all, she listens to me and my interests. ~ David

Facilitating with families has been such an enriching part of my life for the last five years. It has provided new perspectives , opportunities and deep relationships for both myself and the people I’ve helped support. One of the most meaningful things I have experienced is learning that for someone to be successful is not just about reaching goals, but about learning who you are and what is important to you. I help and encourage other people to learn about themselves, what they are passionate about and to have meaningful give-and-take relationships. These are important things that help a person to grow and surround themselves with people who provide sincere support. ~ Jodee (Lead Facilitator)

In gathering information on my son, his needs, his dreams, both the facilitator and the mentor LISTENED very carefully. And after each meeting with my son, our facilitator goes to work immediately putting together real actions, such as research and results, my son’s resume, business cards, job applications and more, already. She is a breath of fresh air, a boost both my son and I truly need in our lives at this time. ~ Cindy (Parent)

The first young lady that I facilitated with once told me that her social life was “having coffee every day with her mom” – she is now involved in community theater, taking night courses, has paid employment in the community and volunteers for a local theater. Last time I saw her she told me that without our program, she wouldn’t have gained that self-esteem. While there are still areas in her life that she struggles with, she has taken strides above where she was. My inspiration comes from seeing the people that I support feeling that they have achieved something great. They do the real work here; I’m just walking along side them.

~ Kendra ( Facilitator)

My facilitator helped me with my resume, business cards, transportation, job applications, and more. ~ Ian

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