People create their own lives and connect as full citizens within vibrant, diverse, communities.


Facilitation Wellington Dufferin offers independent facilitation that is guided by our values and governed by our standards.  In doing so we create communities where people have real choice, value relationships, and contribute as full citizens.


Respect – We ENGAGE in relationships based on respect and compassion.  We value the dignity of people we serve.

Citizenship – We TRUST that all people can participate in and contribute to their communities.  Community is the first resort for opportunities, resources and supports.

Focus on Strengths – We RECOGNIZE people’s abilities and gifts.  We ENCOURAGE people to share their talents and contribute to their communities.

Communication – We LISTEN deeply to the many unique ways that people communicate. Being understood, when expressing ideas and goals, is an important part of self determination.

Personal Choice – We BELIEVE that people lead better lives when they make decisions about what is important, supported by those that they choose.  We encourage people to explore different options and to recognize future possibilities.

Relationships – We VALUE diverse relationships and work to bring people together over time.  Strong, trusting and reciprocal relationships strengthen our abilities to live safe and fulfilling lives.

Accountability –  We are ACCOUNTABLE to the people and families that we serve.  We value transparency, commitment to quality and a culture of on-going learning.