At Facilitation Wellington Dufferin, we are committed to growing the skills of local independent facilitators in our communities.  Our Facilitator Mentoring Initiative is designed so that our facilitators get the training, experience and support that they need to help you plan for and build the life that you want in your community.

Facilitation Wellington Dufferin facilitators:

  • learn the values that are most important to their work as facilitators
  • take part in formal and informal training on different approaches to facilitation and planning, and learn how to be flexible and to fit the planning process to the needs of each person
  • participate in individual and small group mentoring with an experienced lead facilitator
  • have the opportunity to meet and connect with other facilitators through our local and provincial community of practice, the Ontario Independent Facilitation Network
  • use the resources of Facilitation Wellington Dufferin for ongoing learning

You can learn more about Facilitation Wellington Dufferin's culture of learning here.

Why work with us?

Facilitation Wellington Dufferin is always on the lookout for skilled, mature, and dedicated facilitators. 

  • Our Facilitator Mentoring Initiative provides what you need to develop facilitation skills in a supported way.
  • Our facilitators have access to mentoring for support and problem solving.  At FWD, learning and skill development is an on-going process.
  • FWD facilitators are members of the provincial network and community of practice called Ontario Independent Facilitation Network.
  • Our facilitators have opportunities to continue learning and developing their skills through more training, information and resource sharing.

Are you interested in learning more about becoming an independent facilitator with Facilitation Wellington Dufferin?  Contact us!