It all started when...

What we now call Facilitation Wellington Dufferin started in 2006-7 with a group of parents of adults with developmental disabilities who wanted to help their children to have better, more connected lives—more fulfilling, with more friends, and with better connections in the community. 

We saw that people thrived when they had supports designed just for them. That support is called independent facilitation. Together with interested community members and supportive agency allies, this group of parents began the Wellington Steering Group for Independent Facilitation and Planning. The goal of this group was to make the highest quality of independent facilitation available to adults with developmental disabilities who live in the counties of Wellington and Dufferin.

Taking Shape…

The vision was (and still is!) a grass-roots organization made up of family members, self-advocates, interested community members and supportive agencies partners. We have been working together for something we all believe in – facilitation supports that are independent, of the highest quality, individualized, community based, and family driven.

Over the years we have received different grants and project funds from the Ministry of Community and Social Services, Ontario Trillium Foundation, and donations from supportive local service agencies and individuals.  We have used these grants to offer independent facilitation, and to build our team of qualified facilitators.

Present and Future…

We have come a long way from where we started in 2006-7.  In the summer of 2014 Facilitation Wellington Dufferin was happy to become a registered charity! The beliefs that led us to form Facilitation Wellington Dufferin have been strengthened along over time, and we continue to work closely with people and families, community groups, supportive agency partners, and the Ministry of Community and Social services.

Beginning in January 2015, we have been excited to be a part of the Independent Facilitation Demonstration Project that is funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services. This project is led by the Ontario Independent Facilitation Network and includes other organizations across Ontario.  

At Facilitation Wellington Dufferin, the future is bright!